Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Zombie - Questions

  • Contagious: a person that is bitten by a zombie will become a zombieDoes not attack other zombies, leading to swarms of zombiesWhen zombies attack, how You hear on the radio that an invasion of zombies is coming. What would you do first? A. Board up the house and stock up on supplies. B. will you defend the world? ...

Monday, 9 March 2020

What's in the news??

Read the articles and answer the questions. Be sure to answer in FULL SENTENCES

Where was the whale shark seen?

A rare 10-metre long whale shark has been spotted off the Tauranga coast.

Who saw the whale shark?

 the skipper of the Bay Explorer

Copy your 3 favourite whale shark facts:
1)Whale sharks are in no way related to whales. Although they are sharks, they are very docile and pose no real threats to humans.

2)Whale sharks can weigh up to 11,000 kilos!!

3) Whale sharks can reach up to 14m (46 feet!) in length.

How many rolls of toilet paper did the family accidentally buy?

A family in Australia has accidentally purchased 2300 toilet rolls. 

How long does the article say the rolls will last the family?

The toilet paper would last around 12 years.

What is the family doing with all the leftover toilet paper?

The family is now selling its excess toilet paper to help raise money for their daughter’s school.

Look up locusts. Insert a picture in a box below and explain what it is.

Image result for locusts definition
a large grasshopper with strong flight abilities. It is usually alone, but from time to time there is a huge growth population in numbers of locusts which causes damage to vegetation.

Locusts are eating crops in Pakistan. What is a crop?

A crop is a plant or animal product that can be grown and harvested

How are the ducks going to help?

The ducks are “biological weapons” and can be more effective than pesticides. One duck is able to eat more than 200 locusts a day.

Where will the trial take place?

A trial will start in China’s western region of Xinjiang later this year before the ducks are sent to Pakistan.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Birthday  7th November 1996. Full name  Ella marija lani yelich-o'connor-Born-takupuna 

Mum sonja yelich father = vic o'connor brother= angelo yelich-o'connor sister=indila jerry
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